December 2012 - Milles Track, Mt Wellington

Another belated report on a walk I did in December with some new friends - Joan, Denis, Sue, Pauline - and my dear friend Angie.  It was a warm day in town, but the cloud sitting on the mountain indicated it would be pleasantly mild on the track. 

We gathered at the upper carpark at The Springs, and made our way straight upwards on the wellmade track signposted for the OrganPipes etc.  At the top of the stone steps, where the track to the Organ Pipes led off to the right, we turned left onto the Milles Track.  The Ice House Track leads off to the right not far along, but we headed straight on.

The path was pleasant walking, fairly level, with lots of mountain flowers on show and a misty moisty feeling of being enveloped in our cloud.

 The waratah was out (yay!).

After 45 minutes of flower spotting and sharing of stories, we reached the turnoff to the left for Snake Plains.  This was a good spot for a short rest, a snack and a photo! 
Then we simply headed back the same way we had come. So the total walk time was a little over an hour and a half.

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