February 2010 - Mt Hartz

On a fantastic clear and hot summer's day, Lyn and Di enjoyed the clear air and spectacular views from Mt Hartz.

Travel to Geeveston, turn to the west along Arve Rd towards Tahune Airwalk.  Shortly after passing the Arve River picnic area, there is a signposted gravel road to the left leading uphill to Hartz Mt.  Care is needed on the road, with sharp corners and some rough patches.  Drive to the end and park in the recently rebuilt carpark.  There is a modern visitor/registration shelter here and composting toilets.
 The track is well maintained and includes duckboarding in the early flatter sections.  The rugged windblown mountain plants are pristine and beautiful.  The track curves towards Lake Esperance and a very short side trip to this lake is lovely.  The track continues soutwards to Ladies Tarn, before rising and turning westwards again to climb towards Hartz Pass. 
The right hand track at Hartz Pass leads to Hartz Lake.  Continue to the left and up Mt Hartz, with lots of rockhopping and a breathtaking steep ascent.  The reward is fantastic views into the S and SW.

Excellent detailed info and instructions can be found at Mark's Bush Blog.

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