February 2012 - Pelverata Falls

This walk slipped into early March because of unseasonally high temperatures on the weekend we had originally scheduled this walk.

Pelverata Falls:   A very tall waterfall in the Snug Tiers (approximately 114 metre drop), a 2-3 hour return walk on a good track to a viewing platform. 
This is what it probably looks like in Spring after sustained rains!  
The walk took us an hour each way, although Robert complained that we didn't make enough stops to admire the views.

Take the Southern Outlet to the Sandfly turnoff.  Turn left, and then turn right almost immediately onto Pelverata Road.  (This might be a good spot to meet up).
Drive to Pelverata, which is a further 11km.  Just past the township, turn left onto Crosswells Rd (well signposted), go 1km up the hill to a clearly marked parking area.  You can also approach from the south, from below Huonville, although this road is mostly gravel.

The walk :
Follow the sign along a pretty leaf littered trail for approx 0.5km to where it joins up with a vehicle-wide track, Vincents Track.  

This follows a farm perimeter east before turning sharply right (sign posted "Falls"), and heading south-east through thicker bush.  The track has a steady but gentle climb.  The last 15 minutes are steeper and rockier, making me wish I had worn proper walking boots/shoes.  The walk  curves slightly left into sight of the falls.  There is a new very solid viewing platform (no seats or tables) to stop and enjoy the falls and the little valley where Pelverata and Slippery Creeks meet.  

Scrambling down to the creek seems to be discouraged these days.
The walk back is a nice gentle downwards amble. 

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