July 2010 - Crescent Beach

Tasman Peninsula - Di, Robert, Lyn, Kat, Philip, Bob, Caroline, James, Angie.
This was a fresh winter's day, with the prospect of spectacular isolated beaches. We parked at the lookout above Remarkable Cave and headed east across the headlands. The walking was easy and the views terrific. 
It was James' first bush walk.

This is the approach coming down towards Crescent Beach:

How lucky we are in Tasmania!

The beach was perfectly formed and all ours.  We perched on the rocks at the far end for lunch, and then exitted the beach over the dunes.
This wasn't as easy as it sounds!

On the way home we stopped for coffee and cake at the cafe opposite the entrance to Port Arthur, the one that the owners tried to sell by raffle.  I wonder how that ended up.

Mark has some lovely photos from his walk to Crescent Beach in Feb 2012.

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