February 2016 - Mt Direction

George, Robert and Di were lucky with the weather for this walk, which we'd done last year in March.  We set out before 10am, it was generally overcast but mild (perfect walking weather!) for all of our walk up Mt Direction and back around the Risdon Dam, and it was just cooling down and starting to sprinkle as we got back to the carpark, which was a bit after 1.30pm.

We enjoyed our return visit to Mt Direction.  This time we didn't get lost on the way up, bonus!.  As per our last visit, there were lots of wallabies along the track.  This time we spotted a Flame Robin.  The uphill stretch was definitely mountain-like, with several rests required.

At the top George spotted a lovely wallaby with (we're sure) a joey in the pouch.

At the top:

And this time we followed the little cairns to a good lookout over Nyrstar and the river, where we enjoyed our snacks while resting our legs.

The gaiters were a bit OTT.

The view upriver - stunning:

Next time, take binoculars!   The return leg down the mountain was a bit punishing on the knees, but the circuit around the dam was a breeze by comparison and so it was good to finish the walk on a roll.

So, in total it was a nice 10km walk, we climbed up a total of 453m, and it took us about 3.5 hours overall.

January 2016 - Shipstern Bluff

This month Bob led a group on a walk to Shipstern Bluff.  The weather wasn't looking too good as they set out, but he could report on FB:

Ignored the weather forecast and walked to Shipstern Bluff today. So glad I did, the rain held off for most of the walk and I got a day in the bush with friends, and only a little bit wet!