August 2021 Port Huon to Geeveston

Bob suggested that we try out this newly built walking and bike riding connection between Port Huon and Geeveston. It was a relatively warm Spring day and we had a good crowd: Philip, Kat, Di, Lyn, Bob, Angie, Summa, Wayne, Gerwyn, Sophie and Austin. We gathered in the carpark of the Port Huon Aquatic Centre (note - it's easy to to miss the entrance!). This is a short walk, only 6km return, of widely varying quality (there are a couple of delightful sections, a couple of basic roadside footpath sections, and a couple of risky highway crossings to keep you on your toes). It's a basically flat walk, following the bends of the Kermandie River. Here's the record of our walk:
This was the sign at the start of the walk:
The first section of new boardwalk over the saline sedgeland/rushland was delightful. The edges were still a bit trampled by the work crews, and it was not quite finished - it looked like some seats were still to arrive.
It was a peaceful, pretty spot.
All too soon we had to cross the busy highway, with vehicles hurtling along at 100km/h. Then there was a distinct lack of signage, but we followed our noses along a trail alongside the road, which then became a bright new footpath. The locals must be pleased to at last be provided with a safe path to walk on! It was good to see that one of them is enterprising enough to sell flowers to the flaneurs.
Soon the path moved away from the highway again (phew) and through some pleasant woodland, following the bends of the Kermandie River again.
This used to be a timber railway line, and some nice interpretive signs give some history.
A neat little bridge now spans the river and delivers walkers back to the highway on the outskirts of Geeveston.
We were surprised to find only a couple of shops open in the town - and we retraced our steps back to Port Huon. We reconvened at Frank's Cider House in Franklin and enjoyed some generous and yummy pies, toasties and soups! Hopefully this short path will soon be added to by a quality connection from Huonville to Port Huon, and we will be able to walk or ride this whole route, that would be great.