April 2017 - Bicentennial Path, Mt Nelson

On a beautifully sunny Autumn day, ten of us gathered at the top of Lambert Ave, Sandy Bay at 11am.  We last walked the Bicentennial trail as a group in June 2012, so we thought it was time to take another look.  The combination of easy access, small amount of time required, sunny day, and the lure of a cafe at the top for lunch, brought out the gang in force.

It was a pleasant walk up the hill (naturally, it's all uphill to the top of Mt Nelson!), through well managed bushland.  There were a lot of other friendly walkers called to the track by the sunny weather, and some of us ran into good mates (it must be Hobart).  The well-marked paths were dry, the sky a solid blue, and the views pretty. 

It was good to be able to natter as we walked, catching up with what our friends have been up to since we last saw them.  And for some of us to share our imminent travel plans to escape a little of the southern winter.

We reached the cafe at the top in an hour, glowing with our effort(!).  Our booked table (easily done via FB Messenger), was waiting for us, nicely laid with linen cloths and glasses at the ready.  What had been a cafe on our last visit is now the licensed Signal Station Brasserie, with (as we discovered) a concomitant markup in presentation and prices.  Think: entree size dishes for main course prices.  My tip: I reckon the seafood chowder was the best value. 

As we were starting to seriously cool down, we didn't linger after eating, but headed back out into the sunshine.

Today's Top Ten

It was an easy downhill return along the same track.

We got back to our cars and bikes in Lambert Ave at about 2.15pm. A nice day out with old friends.