April 2018 - Tarn Shelf, Mt Field

Thanks to Philip for these notes on our monthly walk for this April, which was to experience the autumnal fagus display at Tarn Shelf, Mt Field National Park.

Despite reports that that most of the brilliant autumn colours had already passed,  our walking group (Gerwyn and Wayne, Lyn, Caroline, Bob, Barry and Angela, and Kathleen and Philip) headed up to Lake Dobson for a mid-morning start to the walk , hoping to catch some of the remaining colours.

The morning  was crystal clear with clear skies, including the magical autumnal light for which Tasmania is renowned. After the initial hike to altitude, the tarns were glowing in the morning sunshine, and the remaining golden fagus was beautifully reflected in the clear morning light.

Today's mob

Don't look down!

Wayne and Gerwyn testing fate

After a morning tea break at the first tarn, we pressed on for a while before having a lunch stop at the third tarn. 
The last of the fagus

How beautiful

The Tarn Shelf Circuit is quite a long walk, so while Wayne, Gerwyn, and Bob and Lyn pressed on to Lake Newdegate, the remaining members of our group retraced our steps to Lake Dobson.

Leaving the Tarn Shelf

Interesting find by Kat

Temperate rainforest, anyone?

The Richea men are coming for us
In geological terms, Tarn Shelf is  a beautiful series of glaciated hanging lakes from the late Ice Age , and at at any time of year is a very special place. While most of the fagus autumnal colours had passed by the day our group walked through, it was still a beautiful walk.

The fagus does the talking