January 2018 - Pipeline Track

It's been a while between drinks walks!  Our November 2017 plan to walk to Collins Bonnet was cancelled due to STORMY weather (note to self - we must reschedule this one). 

For our first walk of 2018, Wayne and Gerwyn planned a walk around the Arm End Circuit, at South Arm.  But an extreme HOT weather event was predicted (!) so a hasty review led to Plan B: an easy walk along the shady and elevated Pipeline Track.  Thank heavens for that, as it proved to be a welcome escape from the enervating heat below (36 degrees!).

Six of us met at the Ferntree Tavern (Wayne, Gerwyn, Di, Kat, Philip and Lyn) equipped with water, hats and sunscreen.  It was a pleasant 24 degrees up there, and we had a very amiable stroll along the scenic and shady Pipeline Track.  It was great to catch up with everyone's news. In less than an hour we reached the little bridge over the Levert Rivulet, where we paused for photos and then - casually strolled back again. 

Spot the difference!

At the Silver Falls track there was a positively fresh breeze dropping down the hill, and we walked up to take a look at the falls.  Just lovely, and a very refreshing spot on such a day.  Families with little ones were loving it.

Cool, moist and shady - perfect!

And of course we spotted something for Bob:

Back at Ferntree, we settled on the lawn in the shade of the gumtrees and had our nibbles (snacks for some, lunch for others).  Kat and Philip tried the coffee from the Tavern, and reported that it was OK, although the service wasn't wonderful.  What a shame, as it could be a great stop for walkers and riders.

The walk eased us nicely into our year of walks.   We discussed our schedule for 2018 and an updated version will be coming out pronto.  See you next month!