March 2021 - Organpipes Track

Bob's plan was to tackle the Devil's Throne track, but the weather was against us, with low clouds, winds, drizzle and it was cold!  We decided to drop down a little, out of the clouds hopefully, and do the Organpipes Track instead.  The group today was Bob, Kat, Philip, Angie, Min, Lyn and Di.  

The first task was organising the car shuffle, so that we only had to the do the track in one direction.  Several discussions later :)  it was done, and we were all at the Chalet, getting ready to go.


The track has been upgraded by the City of Hobart, with excellent stonework and drainage.  The walking was easy and dry.

The plants and trees are so pretty.  All the mountain berries seemed to be on display.  Birds heard or spotted included:  Grey Fantail, Cockatoo, Eastern Spinebill.

E. coccifera in the rain

We caught some views in between the drifting clouds.

 The organpipes looked awesome, as usual.

The lower we got, the better the weather seemed, but water was pouring off the mountain.

We reached The Springs, and settled at a picnic table to have our sandwiches.  Then we discovered that the Lost Freight cafe not only provides coffee in proper ceramic cups, but also does table service.  Wow.  Highly recommended!

February 2021 - Lime Bay

Wayne and Gerwyn led our group on a tour of the Coal Mines, at Lime Bay on the Tasman Peninsula.  The Coal Mines historic site is well preserved and presented by Parks and Wildlife Service, with the scattered ruins evoking the sad and brutalised lives of the convicts. In the group were Kat, Philip, Greg and Annie and Lyn.

Starting at the top, the original airshaft is still intact

We did a pleasant 7km circuit.

Commissariat Officer's quarters, 1842

Lunch at Plunkett Point


November 2020 - Echo Sugarloaf

This was a return visit to Echo Sugarloaf Reserve, to see the new addition to the trail that has been built by the redoubtable Friends of Randalls Bay.  The walkers were Caroline and Warren, Wayne and Gerwyn, Bob, Lyn and Kat.

Walking along Randalls Bay from the picnic area.

  Going up was much the same as last time.

It's this way

Flag iris

The frogpond looked lush.
There was a new tree seat to try out.

The new trail on the way down had nice views, and was more interesting than simply returning along the same route.

Randalls Bay and Mickeys Bay in the background.

It was a pleasant few hours, with a BBQ afterwards to nicely round things off!