April 2018 - Corinna weekend - Part 3

Sunday had been predicted to be wet, which we thought was pretty OK as we were planning to be on the Arcadia II for most of our outing.  After another big breakfast (scrambled eggs and salmon this time!) and the obligatory coffee, we sorted out what we were going to wear (boots or shoes was the main question). Then we ambled down to the river to where the Arcadia was waiting for us.


Our captain was Les Simms, a busy master mariner who operates tourist sailings out of St Helens and also spends three months a year in Antarctica.  Melissa doubled as crew and tea lady.  The lovely old huon pine ship was well preserved and very comfortable.  The "Quessy 9" was the first group on board, so we naturally got the best seats (in our view).

The views of the ancient rainforest, with heaps of huon pine, were enchanting.

Reflections in our wake

A male Huon Pine, left alone by the early piners.

Lovers' Falls.

Les was keen to share the steering, so Di had a go, then Lyn.

Captain Di

Ribbon grass along the banks

The jetty just inside Pieman Heads

We were to have 90 minutes at the Pieman Heads, but that shrunk considerably when the captain instructed us to be back at the boat 20 minutes before departure.  Anyhow we set off expectantly, walking through the remote shacks of the fishing village towards the Southern Ocean.

There were tonnes of logs and driftwood piled up around the mouth of the river, an odd sight.

Log garden

It seemed strange that an easterly wind was blowing sand downriver and across the beach towards the sea.

We had a tailwind!

The beach was pretty wild, with heavy surf and a treacherous bar at the heads.

Pieman Heads

Someone's fort?

We found a sheltered spot to have some of our packed lunch (provided by Melissa) and enjoyed the beach experience for too short a time.

Our lunchspot

Soon it was time to start wending our way back towards the jetty.

Meanwhile, the captain had picked up the group of walkers we'd met yesterday from the other side of the river, and we wound our way back upriver to Corinna.  Now the rain finally arrived, but we were safely under cover, yay!

Been there!

Offloaded back at Corinna, we bade each other farewell.  Bob was off to explore Marrawah.  Wayne and Gerwyn were visiting family at Smithton and Burnie.  Kat, Philip, Lyn and George were heading back to Hobart via Sheffield and the Midlands Highway.  Di and Robert were still undecided but also heading north.

It had been a special experience, spending three days together in this isolated place, sharing amazing beautiful and wild places.  As a wonderful side benefit, we learnt more about our friends' (and our own?) quirks and unique contributions.  In short, we re-discovered why we are friends.  As we prepared to return to civilisation, tired but relaxed, we were plotting more getaways just like this one.

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  1. Hi Di thanks so much for your blog. You have inspired us to follow in your footsteps. King regards Jacquie and Bob