24 Feb 2013 - Battery Point heritage stroll

Something a bit different for our end of February walk this time!  I was alerted to a likely gem of a concert on the Sunday afternoon, in St George's Church in Battery Point.  So it was eventually decided that we would take a leisurely walk around Battery Point, enjoying the history, and ending at the church before 3pm in time for the concert.  And the best part of the plan was to start with lunch at The Jam Jar Lounge on Hampden Rd.  

Eight of us met for lunch - Catherine, Peter (it was his birthday!), Austin, Sophie, Kat, Philip, Angie, and me.  Four of us had enjoyed making extra endorphins by riding our bikes to Battery PointThe food at the Jam Jar was good, and the coffee.  The music was rather too loud, but upon enquiring, Sophie was advised that the music is either OFF or ON there (!?). 

We set off into the hot afternoon sun for our heritage tour.  I had an old Historic Village map, produced many years ago by the Battery Point community association.  Sophie had some notes, and both Angie and Philip had useful info in their memories.  With some pointing, questioning, checking the notes and debating, we made our way around.

We learnt new things about handmade bricks and early sash windows, and I think we all saw houses and  sights we had never noticed before.  Some notable stops were:  Kelly's Steps, Hillcrest, Arthur's Circus, Rosebank, Secheron House, industrial docks at A J White Park, Watson's Cottages, the old boatyard and dry dock.
By the time we got to the vicinity of Cromwell St, the heat was getting to us - it was over 30 degrees, over the maximum predicted temperature for the day, and none of us had thought to bring water. Catherine and Peter retreated to the Shipwrights Arms.

At the upper end of Cromwell St, we reached St George's Church.  Sophie and Austin headed off (to Jackman McRoss, for more refreshments!).  The rest of us entered the church to take a rest in the (relatively) cool and calming environment there.  

Robert and Summa joined us for the lovely little concert by Nuove Musiche Ensemble.  This is a Hobart-based trio including soprano, lute, baroque guitar and viola da gamba.  The musical combination was lovely and quite suited the performance space.  Over nine short pieces were performed in about 45 minutes, the music dating from the mid 16th century to the mid 17th century.

Sufficiently cooled, relaxed and educated, we left the church, picked up another friend Austra, and walked a couple of blocks to Kat and Philip's flat for a champers to complete the outing.  It was a lovely social and cultural walking afternoon.

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