December 2012 - Blackmans Bay toward Tinderbox -

This is a belated post about a walk that I did with Angie and Pauline in December (and I have forgotten some of the details now!).  It was a hot day and this turned out to be a very pleasant walk.
The walk was 2.4km to a quiet little beach with great views across the Derwent, a good stop for a snack. I think it was about an hour there and an hour back again.

We started from the carpark at the northern end of Blackmans Bay, and strolled down the beach on the clean sand.  At the end of the beach, we transferred to a paved footpath.  Here you have to stay fairly low on the cliff, there are several tracks to choose from, don't head upwards through the houses to the streets.  The track skirts the clifftop properties and seems to be being upgraded in patches, with a trackname something like Suncoast .

At a large grassy area (possibly Flowerpot Reserve?), take the path straight onwards in line with the clifftop.  This then veers to the right around some bushland and then passes alongside a sewerage treatment plant.  Cross the road above the treatment plant and continue onwards on the path.  The path meanders towards the riverside and down the bank to an isolated little rocky beach with a lovely view across the river.

You wouldn't want to swim here though!  We had a yummy snack and discovered lots of Warrigal Greens spreading over the sand.  After a short rest, we headed back the same way we had come.

On the way back, at Soldiers Rocks, we saw some game (or foolhardy) teenagers jumping from the vertical rocks into the water - it was hair raising just watching them.

Back at the beach, we relaxed and enjoyed well made coffee under the sun umbrellas at the Beach restaurant.

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